Immuno Check

Here you can check if, and how much, you can rely on your immune system. Just fill out the questionnaire, and we shall give you a feedback shortly by e-mail. Your personal data will certainly be considered confidential, and discarded immediately thereafter.

Do you catch colds or flu easily?  Yes No
Do you tend to get sick more often during seasonal changes?  Yes No
Do you bruise easily?  Yes No
Do you have thin, dull or dry hair?  Yes No
Do you have dry skin?  Yes No
Do you suffer from rashes, frequently?  Yes No
Do you often feel tired and exhausted?  Yes No
Do you suffer from insomnia?  Yes No
Do you tend to have cracked lips?  Yes No
Do you have bleeding gums when you brush your teeth?  Yes No
Do you have allergies?  Yes No
Do you cough frequently?  Yes No
Do you experience running nose or itchy eyes frequently?  Yes No
Have you taken antibiotics, frequently?  Yes No
Do you drink more than two alcoholic beverages per day?  Yes No
Do you drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day?  Yes No
Do you take medication regularly?  Yes No
Do your currently suffer from any diseases or illnesses?  Yes No
Do you have a chronic disease?  Yes No
Do you smoke?  Yes No
Do you live with a smoker?  Yes No
Do you live in a city or near an interstate?  Yes No
Do you have contact with many people on a regular basis?  Yes No
Are you often facing stressful situations?  Yes No
Do you eat regular meals (at least 3 times a day)?  Yes No
Do you eat fruit and vegetables regularly (at least 5 times a day)?  Yes No
Do you eat whole grain?  Yes No
Do you eat yoghurt regularly?  Yes No
Do you exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week)?  Yes No
Do you know: Were you breastfed as a baby?  Yes No Don't know
Do you take a daily multi?  Yes No
Do you drink less than 3 x 8 ounces water a day?  Yes No
Do you like spending leisure time outdoors?  Yes No

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