Personalized Natural Medicine Consultation

Dr. Mark Fritz, NMD, PHD



Dr. Mark Fritz, NMD, PHD
Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
President, New Medical Frontiers, Inc.



Today you can find myriads of medical information on the internet. Very often it is hard to judge the quality of the content and the reliability of the source. Also, what works for someone else, does not have to work for you. As a trained Doctor of Natural Medicine, who has worked at renowned U.S. Universities and International Research Institutions, I am here to help you to find a way through this jungle – personalized in line with your individual metabolism.


Who shall make use of this service?


If you have an unsolved health problem like chronic illness, cancer, metabolic syndrome, or any other debilitating ailment, or would like to prevent all this, make a difference in your life. Learn about the latest scientific findings in natural medicine. Receive a personalized protocol with references that assure you of the reliability of the sources. Learn more what you can expect. Appreciate our philosophy behind. And learn more about the advantages of Natural Medicine.


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