More on Chronic Illness

The  U.S. medical system is foremost in the industrialized world. Awarded with 9 out of 10 Nobel Prize laureates in global medicine. However, this is only one side of the seemingly shiny medal. On the other side,


  • 2 Million Americans die each year of – preventable  – chronic illnesses.

With 1 million deaths per year because of heart failure, and one million cancer deaths per year on top of the list. Followed by diabetes as the 6th leading cause of death in the nation,

And of those adults who survive,

  • 50% have at least one – preventable – chronic disease, limiting their life expectancy dramatically.


This makes chronic illness the leading cause of premature death and disability in the country.


For 2 basic reasons:

1. Wrong (unnatural) lifestyle

Above all

  • Malnutrition


  • Lack of (aerobic) exercise


2. Wrong (unnatural) medical treatment

  • Instead of supporting the self-healing power of the body with primarily boosting the immunity, mainstream medicine mainly applies symptomatic treatment with synthetic drugs (4th leading cause of premature death in the nation) and by disregarding the individual metabolism.


As a natural alternative, we offer a ‘tailor-made’ consultation resulting in a comprehensive protocol that enables you to act informed (with no debilitating side effects). Based on latest scientific breakthroughs in natural medicine.

Recommendations coming with validated up-to-date scientific abstracts and exact references .



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