Immuno Management

ImmunoManagement is a special service of New Medical Frontiers, Inc.


Our immune system is a complex part of our biological existence, made up of different biochemical structures and mechanisms which become fully active at birth. Unfortunately yet, with aging process and even more with wrong lifestyles and negative environmental factors, it is weakening over time.
In consequence, this originally perfect shield against bacteria, viruses, and other parasites, cannot ward off diseases, cancer included, as it is supposed to do – if we fail to keep it strong.
In order to reactivate and enhance the power of immunity as far as possible, it needs to be supported with those natural modalities and lifestyle patterns the body requires for this purpose.
Since this knowledge has been fairly lost in our industrialized society, widely disconnected from nature, it is part of our competence to first, check the status of your immunity (ImmunoCheck), and second, develop an appropriate, and “tailor-made” lifestyle protocol with you.
Start with a personal ImmunoCheck now.
Once we have received your answers we shall tell you what we can do for you and about the fees involved in case you want us to become active.
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