Natural Cancer Support

Natural Cancer Support acts in a two-fold way.
1. It helps you boosting your immunity with natural modalities which alone can overcome this (and, to be sure, any other) disease.

“Cancer can not exist in a fully
intact immune system!”
(Immune Recovery Clinic, Atlanta/USA)


2. Additionally, it helps to overcome the manifold debilitating side effects of conventional oncologic treatments (such as radiation and chemotherapy).


Limits of conventional cancer treatment


When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is realistic that you are offered conventional treatment such as surgery and radiation (if a tumor has manifested), and chemotherapy.
However, it is unrealistic to believe these modalities are leading to a cure. Rather, they will lead to a remission only. I.e., while part of the billions of cancer cells circulating in your body via the blood and lymphatic systems, will be killed, by far not all will be. (That’s where the metastases are coming from.)

Compromised Immunity


Not only this. Fact is that radiation and chemotherapy are heavily compromising your immune system, leading in most cases to cachexia, a total waste of your body’s inherent natural self-healing power. This is the basic reason why more than 1 million cancer patients die each year of an oncologic compromised immunity.
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