Online Doctor

Ask the online doctor: See questions and answers.


A  consultation at the doctor’s office has the advantage that you can ‘touch’ the doctor, speak to him/her face to face.

However, most important is the answer(s) he/she can give to relieve or solve your health problem. I.e., the advice needs to be

  • Personalized in line with your individual metabolism  (as there is no ‘one size fits all’ in medicine)
  • Validated by latest scientific findings of renowned medical schools and research institutions

The way where and how it is relayed is not at all of relevance.

Accordingly, this service can be offered at the doctor’s office for those who are geographically close by,  or online to those who are located geographically out of reach. The quality of consultation got to be the same. All what counts is the doctor’s competence. Regardless if he/she is somewhere down-to-earth or in the world wide web.

To take advantage of an online consultation, following steps shall be taken.

  • Fill out the contact form attached and send it  to Dr. Fritz who will respond within 48 hours, telling you which records to submit (scan or fax) including a complete blood count and the questionnaire for anamnesis which you will receive from us..
  • Once we have received all records, Dr. Fritz will tell you if he can be of help, and at which fee.
  • Only then you decide to either follow up or turn down.

This way – unlike in  doctors offices you enter physically – you can’t lose a dime. Therefore…  CONTACT DR. FRITZ