Philosophy Behind



You yourself are the master of your health (the most valuable good in your life), not your healthcare provider. Therefore, you have to take the responsibility for your health.




To get you off this hamster wheel, New Medical Frontiers, Inc., leading documentation and consultation center of latest scientific breakthroughs in natural medicine on a global basis, paves your way out. Not as a ‘second opinion’ but scientific facts in natural medicine. To make best informed, and scientifically validated decisions when it comes to stay – and become – healthy, respectively.




Just as our globe is an ecosystem based on natural laws, all living species on this planet are ecosystems based on same natural laws. Therefore, your health can only be supported and restored, by the self-healing power of your body, based on natural medicine. Not with man-made chemicals and other synthetics, leading to manifold debilitating side effects only, for exactly that reason. Just as Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician & “Father of Western Medicine”, defined 2 1/2 thousand years ago: “Vis medicatrix naturae” (the healing power of nature).



Seven billion inhabitants on our planet have seven billion different metabolisms. (That’s why no blood count is alike, yours being no exception.) Based on this fact you can support your health, and overcome potential illnesses and diseases, only in line with your individual metabolism. In medicine, there is no ‘one size fits all’ – and no medicine fitting everybody.



500,000 Americans die each year of (preventable) medical mistakes (primarily wrong diagnoses and/or therapies) – 3rd leading cause of premature death in this country. Another 2 million die of (equally preventable) chronic illness. And of those who survive, 50% have at least one (preventable and lifespan limiting) chronic illness. Including so called latrogenic (doctor made) diseases, and more than 30 million (preventable) diabetics: with special reference to kidney failure (8th leading cause of premature death). Basic reason: instead of supporting self-healing power of your body naturally by strengthening your immune system, the latter being suppressed and wasted by chemical drugs (4th leading cause of premature death).

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