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The Herbery is the place, where you can buy dried herbs and – most of all – learn more about herbs and their health benefits.

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Folk wisdom knows: There is an herb for everything. All kitchen herbs have a special ‘clue’ that assist your body to ward off ailments. Try these remedies to go the natural way helping your body to stay healthy.

In fact, plants (and their inherent phytochemicals) have developed on our globe parallel to any other living species, man included. That’s why our digestive system and holistic physiology is fully adjusted to metabolize plants, including those of medical benefit – with special reference to the vast resources of the Rainforest.

Phytology and medical botany have developed a very long tradition in all parts of the world  Europe, India, China, Africa, Australia, and America with its native Indians included. While this competence was long-time evidence-based, it became more and more science-based.

It is our mission to share this knowledge with you.

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