Weight Management

Weight management means knowing about your body, your health and only then about your weight.

Putting on weight means…

  • Risk for your heart health
  • Risk to develop diabetes
  • Risk for your joints
  • And risk for many more things that should not happen to your body

Note: There is no “one size fits all”: Monitor your health & find out about your personal ideal weight.


There are reasons to put on weight:

Cravings that mostly derive from childhood.

Stress – time shortage that seem to hinders you to live healthy, cravings that seem to help with exhaustion, frustration, anxiety and  depression.

And there are “natural” circumstances that let you put on weight: Child Birth,  Menopause, and others.


You need an action plan.

  • Aim at your health not your weight!
  • Detoxify  your body
  • Get rid of extra pounds
  • Plan your meals –
    – for at least 3 meals and 2 snacks
    – Fortify your food with herbs
    – Substitute sugar & fat
  • Reduce calorie intact
  • Walk at lest 10,000 steps a day
  • Maintenance your weight
  • Make sure your body gets all nutrients that are needed


Herbs may assist with weight management

What herbs can do…

  •  help you loose weight
  •  decrease appetite
  •  boost metabolic system
  •  help with digestion
  •  can keep blood sugar level in balance
  •  support intake of nutrients
  •  detoxify your body
  •  help with cravings


Try out

No Empty Calorie Diet

  •  Know exactly what you eat
  •  Do not put a calorie into your body that does not have any nutrients
  •  Plan ahead
  •  Never be hungry

It’s easy, you just have to keep a diary and do some planing.

Let us help us. Contact  Dr. Angela Fritz for more information.

To a healthier YOU!